Wealth Management

Almost all investment advisors, portfolio management companies, wealth management setups, Mutual Funds or anybody in the business of fund management, promises a “better” return. As an investor how do you evaluate the best manager for your money? Should it be the one who charges the least, the one who promises the highest return, the one who has the maximum money under management or the one who will take a share of profit as his or her fees?

An investment may be very successful but for the investor to be successful he needs to have invested the right amount in that investment and at the right time! A successful investment and a successful investor are not one and the same thing. Which is why a personal financial advisor brings tremendous value to planning your investments, choosing the right investment managers and evaluating them correctly.

The key to managing a portfolio of investments is understanding the relation of ‘how the investments are selected’ to ‘what the outcome is likely to be’ in specific situations. For example, investing in a company clearing garbage is not likely to see as many ups and downs compared to an investment in a company making car parts.